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We focus where it matters for your business

Rigorous QA Testing

You know the feeling when a customer reports a bug and you go – “How did we miss that?”. Our team is here to ensure you never feel like that again.
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Our Services

Manual Testing

Our human-centered QA approach means that we take the time to understand your business and target customers before we create and execute a test plan.

Functional & Regression Testing

Show us your product, share your specifications and acceptance criteria. We will write the test cases and do a thorough sweep.


Exploratory Testing

We work in pairs to creatively find missed use cases or usability problems before your customers encounter them.


Triaging Social Media Bug Reports

We monitor your app store reviews and social media channels for customer reported issues. We will reproduce them, and add to your bug tracking system.

Usability Testing

For those business-critical flows (signup, onboarding, payments, conversion, etc), we go a step further by talking to your target customers directly.  

Usability Testing

We will create the test plan, recruit your target customers, observe them using your key flows, and give you a prioritized list of usability issues.


Competitive Usability Benchmarking

We will compare how quickly and easily your target customers can complete key tasks on your product against your primary competitors.

We are a flexible, nimble team of experts who can fit into your workflows

How It Works

Each company we work with has a set of unique processes, tools and team structures. We work with multiple tools, from spreadsheets to JIRA, to integrate with your workflows.


Show us what to test

We start with a zoom call to understand your needs. Show us your product, specifications and acceptance critiera.


We send an estimate

We will prepare a customized statement of work, estimated hours and total cost.


You get test results

You will receive a list of passed/failed test cases with clear defect reports.

Our Team

Meet the team behind all the magic

Siri means ‘a secret’ in Swahili. We are on a mission to showcase that Silicon Valley level talent exists in the most unexpected and hidden places. Our team comprises college-educated refugees who have all been called nit-picky at some point in their lives 🙂
Founder and CEO

Shipra Kayan

As the founder and CEO of Siriforce, I bring decades of experience as a product executive in Silicon Valley, and a proven track record of launching high-quality software used and loved by millions worldwide. The team at Siriforce is highly curious, pro-active, and meticulous – qualities I value and bring to all of my engagements.
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